Mobilization-Video for the European Day of Actions for the Right to Housing and to the City and against Speculation

from Cedidelp.

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Athens: call for common action and open assembly, 19Oct, 12:00, Eleftherias sq.

Greece is facing an acute housing crisis, part of broader socio-economic crisis of the last four years. Under the memorandum and austerity politics, imposed by the Troika and the Greek governments,  the right to housing and the right to the city are severely violated. Due to the rapid impoverishment of the majority of the population and the rising unemployment, an increasing number of people are forced to live in precarious and inadequate housing; even on the streets.

The gradual liberation of auctions of primary housing and small property (suspended until December 2013), the excessive increase on property taxation (irrespective of income or ability to pay), the abolition of the Workers’ Housing Organisation (2012) as well as the broader cuts in welfare provision and benefits are only some of the governments’ measures that jeopardize the right to housing while destroying peoples’ lives.

Against this “crisis regime” an open assembly is organised on Saturday 19th October 2013 inviting social groups, organisations, associations, local assemblies and movements, local residents and interested individuals to share their experiences and views on the expanding housing crisis and to deliberate on common demands and actions in order to (re)claim and safeguard the right to housing and the right to the city for all.

more information (in greek):

No auctions – No evictions

Dignified housing for all

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Dortmund: report on meeting yesterday

IMG_20130928_175342 (our city is not a commodity)

In a meeting yesterday in Dortmund activists from various cities in the Ruhr-region came together to discuss the German and European housing market and possibilities of resistance.

Check out their report on real esate speculation, forced evictions, problems of mobilization and the perspective of socialization of the housing market!

The next meeting will be Sunday, 20th October, 20h at Taranta Babu

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Milan getting ready for 19O: BlockParty in Piazza Selinunte

#13O – A S.Siro V per vendetta segnala le case vuote e ne libera una! CHI TROVA UNA V TROVA UNA CASA!

Vota l’articolo

Comunicato di rivendicazione dell’iniziativa di riappropriazione verso il #19O

Ieri 13 ottobre, in vista della mobilitazione del 19 Ottobre a Roma, V per Vendetta ha percorso il quartiere popolare di San Siro per denunciare l’assurda gestione del patrimonio pubblico, che dovrebbe essere utilizzato per i bisogni collettivi, ma che a Milano conta 4218 case popolari vuote e riscaldate, di cui 400 nel solo quartiere di San Siro cui si aggiungono molti altri edifici abbandonati. V ha lasciato su ognuna di esse la sua firma e ha invitato gli abitanti del quartiere a segnare con una V le lastre e le finestre degli appartamenti vuoti, molti dei quali messi all’asta da Aler nella grande svendita che abbiamo denunciato il 3 ottobre, quando abbiamo interrotto l’asta bandita dall’Aler per più di 60 alloggi.

Guarda il video dell’iniziativa del #13O

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Dublin: call for action on 19thO

European Action Day for the Right to Housing and the City

Saturday October 19th 2013

 Begins at Customs House Dublin City Centre 2pm

The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City will hold its first Europe-wide day of action.

October 19th is the first Common European Day of Action for The Right to Housing and the City. Groups in countries all over Europe, including Ireland, are coming together to say STOP to the misery caused by financial speculation and austerity. We want to promote an ethical and just approach where housing is treated as a human right and a basic human necessity and where everyone has real access to the cities in which they live.

In Athens, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Geneva, Lisbon, Paris, Rome, Warsaw, co-ordinated actions are taking place to demand lower rents, the end of State and Troika driven evictions, the construction of adequate levels of social housing, and to demand an end to the overwhelming burden of debt that has been placed on ordinary citizens.

In Dublin the day will kick off at the Custom’s House at 2pm, where we will share our stories and analysis of the housing crisis as it effects all of us, from those in mortgage arrears to social housing tenants. There will be contributions from activists and housing experts from a variety of perspectives and fields. There will also be song and poetry relevant to the occasion. Following the Customs House, we will visit key sites in the city centre, finishing up at the Milennium Bridge. Join us as we try to build a social Europe, which guarantees the right to housing for all and turns our cities into a commons for all!

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Half-truths and lies in the Hungarian government’s communication about homelessness

The politicians of the Hungarian governing party Fidesz have been making false statements concerning the modification of the Law on Infractions, which has made homelessness illegal and created homeless-free zones. On September 30, 2013 – the day the final vote – Fidesz released yet another misleading communication. This reached all media outlets through the National Press Service and a large part of the population as well. As the communication is fraught with inaccuracies and half-truths, we are presenting the actual facts in the following.

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Italy: Getting ready for 19 O


Check out the following links for the actions palnned in Italy:

here how to get to the demo in Rome :

Here there is a video for the demo:

On the 19th follow # : #stopsfratti #19O #assedio #sollevazione

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Paris: 19th O – meeting at 14h at Place de la République

Journée européenne d’actions pour le droit au logement et à la ville et contre la spéculation
La coordination européenne d’actions pour le droit au logement et à la ville et contre la spéculation appelle à une journée d’action en Europe pour lutter pour le droit au logement et à la ville, contre le logement cher et contre l’austérité ! Construisons une Europe sociale, qui  garantisse le droit au logement pour toutes et tous ! Unissons nos forces pour transformer le  logement, les terres et les villes en biens communs ! Montrons  notre volonté collective  de  construire une force d’opposition au niveau européen pour  des conditions de  logement digne avec des actions le 19 octobre!

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Dortmund: Cities for People, not for Profit

Meeting in Dortmund: Cities for People, not for Profit. From financialization of housing to the socialization of housing

Städte für Menschen, nicht für den Profit
Von der Finanzialisierung zur Sozialisierung des Wohnens

Von: Anarchistische Gruppe östliches Ruhrgebiet
Für den 19. Oktober 2013 planen verschiedene Netzwerke von
Mieter*innen, Wohnungslosen und Hypothekenopfern in Europa de-
zentrale Aktionen für das Recht auf Stadt und Wohnung. Im Vorfeld
dieser Veranstaltung berichtet Knut Unger vom Mieter*innenverein
Witten, der sich seit Jahren auch in internationalen Netzwerken städ-
tischer Sozialbewegungen engagiert, über die Hintergründe und Ziele
dieser Aktionen. Continue reading
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Düsseldorf: Call to the 1. Meeting of Housing activists of the Rhine-Ruhr-Region

The planned actions in the European Citis on October 19th will be introduced with questions in mind like: How do people organize? What are common demands? What will be the next steps on this international level?

And: What is meant by “socialization of housing” (the general demand of protest not only in Germany) and how can we bring it about? Which concret actions and strategies must be employed?

Der Europäische Aktionstag für das Recht auf Wohnen und die Perspektive der Vergesellschaftung

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