Bond Precaire Woonvormen


Bündnis Zwangsräumung verhindern

Kotti&Co  – Halay&Co

Wem gehört Kreuzberg?

Studis gegen hohe Mieten

Amaro Foro


HABITA – Colectivo pelo Direito à Habitação




Jeudi Noir



Unione Inquilini


A Város Mindenkié


Land of Warsaw


No Vox

Habitat International Coalition (HIC)

International Alliance of Inhabitants


4 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. hi! here from @stopsfratti in italy (stop evictions) can you add for italy/rome this? we’ll send you other info tomorrow, en ENG! bye! follow #19O #Sollevazione

  2. #19O Let’s lay siege to austerity and precariousness #StopEvictions #GlobalAnswer #FuckAusterity

  3. Hi, here is again stopsfratti . We sent more info , if you can upload could be great!
    We will use this # : #stopsfratti #19O #assedio #sollevazione
    In this page you can find our post
    here how to get to the demo :

    Here there is a video for the demo:

    Thanks and see u in the streets! 😉

  4. realy intresting … stopped bloging in 2009 and thought YOU have to leave an e-mail adress

    at the end my last posting was bien – basic income earth network

    anyway some times we should make the discussion we had last week again, there is a lot to learn, even from peole who did not spend their years under twenty in the antifa, which i also did not ;-.) good luck at the university

    p.s nothing from spain, i will write my sister …

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