Budapest: the 3rd March of Empty Houses

Today in Budapest we are organizing a demonstrative march for the third time in order to draw attention to the fact that at least 100 000 flats are left empty in the city. These places could be the homes of people – of the 10 000 homeless people who live in Budapest, and of all those, who live in overcrowded or undignified housing. These buildings are empty because of irresponsible politics that open space for housing speculation, do not think that they should intervene on the housing market, and waste their own housing stock by leaving it empty.

menetfotó üres lakás pazarlás

We have lots of ideas about how to use the empty housing in a more appropriate way…. Our claims for the utilization of empty housing:

A video about an occupation we did last year:

A video about two couples who could move into empty social housing after pressure exercised by The City is for All:

A video about the second March of Empty Buildings:

If you are in Budapest come join as at 2 pm on Deák Ferenc tér!!

(or somewhere along the following itinerary: Deák Ferenc tér – Szervita tér – Városház u. – Semmelweis u. – Astoria – Károly körút – Dob u. – Klauzál tér – Klauzál u. – Blaha Lujra tér)

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One thought on “Budapest: the 3rd March of Empty Houses

  1. kraut

    to find it back it’s better to tiltle in proper English, not “3.” but “3rd” march

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