Dublin: demonstrastion visting three stratic sites on 19O

We will start at the ‘Customs House’ which is the location of the state department with responsibility for housing and the environment. at this location there will be short inputs from three different women, two of whom have been actively for the regeneration of their public housing estates for many years while the third woman will speak of housing and accommodation issues for the Traveller community here in Ireland. we will have a group of young men and women start us off with a song and we will also read a specific piece of poetry written about one of the public housing estates in Dublin.
Our second location is the headquarters of a financial organisation in Dublin which is at the heart of the commodification and financialisation of housing and is actively working with global companies to help them to buy up the housing stock cheaply. here we will have inputs from an experienced activist on how the state is changing the terms and conditions for accessing public housing and a young academic/activist on the fine detail of financialisation. We will also have a special rendition of the David Bowie song ‘Five Years’ slightly adapted for the occasion with the austerity policies in mind.
Our third location is the ‘Ha’penny Bridge’ which connects the north and south sides of the city at Temple bar. Here we will hang the banner that we have made for the occasion. see the image attached. After we hang the banner we will move to the adjacent millennium bridge where we will have a general open forum discussion with people contributing their views on what the critical housing issues are for them. The group ‘Theatre Club’ will perform a short excerpt from their play ‘History’ which is about the history of a public housing estate that a number of those present have worked on for many years. the event will be finished with a song from the ‘Jammers’ a group of young singers from inner city Dublin.
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