Dublin: call for action on 19thO

European Action Day for the Right to Housing and the City

Saturday October 19th 2013

 Begins at Customs House Dublin City Centre 2pm

The European Action Coalition for the Right to Housing and the City will hold its first Europe-wide day of action.

October 19th is the first Common European Day of Action for The Right to Housing and the City. Groups in countries all over Europe, including Ireland, are coming together to say STOP to the misery caused by financial speculation and austerity. We want to promote an ethical and just approach where housing is treated as a human right and a basic human necessity and where everyone has real access to the cities in which they live.

In Athens, Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, Geneva, Lisbon, Paris, Rome, Warsaw, co-ordinated actions are taking place to demand lower rents, the end of State and Troika driven evictions, the construction of adequate levels of social housing, and to demand an end to the overwhelming burden of debt that has been placed on ordinary citizens.

In Dublin the day will kick off at the Custom’s House at 2pm, where we will share our stories and analysis of the housing crisis as it effects all of us, from those in mortgage arrears to social housing tenants. There will be contributions from activists and housing experts from a variety of perspectives and fields. There will also be song and poetry relevant to the occasion. Following the Customs House, we will visit key sites in the city centre, finishing up at the Milennium Bridge. Join us as we try to build a social Europe, which guarantees the right to housing for all and turns our cities into a commons for all!

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